The new law, which went into effect in January,

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The new law, which went into effect in January,

It's changed over time. I grew up Southern Baptist, and I took it very seriously, and I thought about it a lot. Maybe too much. “Well, the Soviets the Soviets have been cheating on the INF Treaty, so let's get out of the INF Treaty,” Powell said. “Oh, good, you do that and guess what? The Soviets aren't cheating anymore, because there is no treaty to cheat. It doesn't make any sense.

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In addition, the proposed language will close what commissioners perceive as a legal loophole that was created when Gov. Newsom signed AB 881, the bill that mandated how cities must treat ADU construction. The new law, which went into effect in January, might allow the resident owner of a duplex or multi plex who builds a new ADU on the property to be able to remove all their units from rent control, said Brown..

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