“The DOD did not, well, play ball with the

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“The DOD did not, well, play ball with the

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cheap nba Jerseys china nba cheap jerseys Perhaps most concerning of all is the fact that, according to the report, the DOD does not know exactly how many contracts it awarded or how much it spent. McCain and Flake noted the department has a “complete lack of internal controls for awarding, managing, and overseeing these contracts,” condemning the “DOD's inappropriate and frivolous spending on paid patriotism activities, as well as the gifts, tickets, and other perks in each professional sports team contract we identified.”The DOD did not, well, play ball with the congressional investigation. In its official response to the senatorial inquiry, the department accounted for just 62 percent of the contracts and 70 percent of the spending documented in the investigation. nba cheap jerseys

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