Many blessings to you all, and count only the happy

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Many blessings to you all, and count only the happy

Mary has waited. Now he has less time left in office then she spent in a Canadian concentration camp. God willing, Mary will still be present to witness Prime Minister Chretien do the right thing. Cline, 17, who will start his senior year at Kingston High School in the fall, owns, raises and rents out the sheep for the Mutton Bustin’ event at the annual rodeo. The event continues tonight through Saturday at Parsons Stadium in Springdale. Cline provides sheep for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association rodeos at Huntsville and Harrison and a roping event in Lamar, Mo.

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I surprsed he didn look at another aspect of it. If you actually think bad things happen on a special day, then you are likely to think by contrast that all the other days aren so bad. You go from having 365 days with say 5% chance of bad luck and exchange it for 1 day of 90% bad luck.

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