Jennings Trophy for allowing the fewest goals (167

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Jennings Trophy for allowing the fewest goals (167

This week they face possibly Oregon's most well rounded defense since the beginning of the golden era. And if Ifo Ekpre Olomu and/or Terrance Mitchell are able to shut down Robinson, the Buffs have few other options. Colorado ranks 105th in the nation in rushing, averaging a meager 3.3 per touch.

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Inter found good success while wearing this kit, winning their third straight Scudetto (Serie A champions) and were runners up in both Italian cup tournaments. The club also fielded many modern day legends including the likes of Captain Javier Zanetti, fellow Argentinan Hernan Crespo, Portugal legend Luis Figo, and former Arsenal hard man Patrick Vieira. These core four, along with sensational striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and a young Julio Cesar did not reach their full potential under then manager Roberto Mancini, but a third straight Serie A title is quite impressive..

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