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The rate of transmission had been below 1 for weeks

Each family's footing is different

Those include the use of face masks, physical distancing and sanitization.Scientific understanding of how the virus spreads and how susceptible children are to contracting it remains inconclusive.In a much reported study, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine acknowledged that much, but concluded that young children are among those most at risk from stunted learning if they are wholesale nfl jerseys not physically in school. It recommended that school attendance be considered more of a priority for students in grades K 5, as well as students with special needs.”The risks of not having face to https://www.cheapnbajerseyscn.com face learning are especially high for Cheap Jerseys china young children, who may suffer long term consequences academically if they fall behind in the early grades,” it said.Each family's footing is different, and for some, homeschooling will be hardly feasible, Cennimo of Rutgers Newark said. Still, a second wave of the virus could be in the cards for New Jersey, and not even having the option to go into school may once again be a reality every family faces, he said.”Unfortunately, even if you choose to send your kid to school now, which might be a really good idea for your family situation now.

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