Both fish were released after this photo was taken

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Both fish were released after this photo was taken

A graduate of Queens University, McMillan joined Toronto FC as a Coordinator for Business Operations in 2010. McMillan then worked as Senior Manager of Team Development (2013 2015), Director of Team Development (2015 2016) and Director of Administrations and Operations (2016 2018) before taking on the role as Senior Director of Administration and Operations (2018 2020). In her latest role, McMillan managed Toronto FC's schedule on all fronts along with establishing player care support programming for families and friends of team members..

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Amanda Knox was out of luck because the United States couldn't interfere. To make it worst her family couldn't come see her because who can afford to fly to Italy to go see their daughter. Not to mention the strict rules the Italian prison she was in had for visitors..

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