Aside the quirkiness of having hockey played in the

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Aside the quirkiness of having hockey played in the

7 jersey his own as Canberra edge closer to a return to finals football. But the 28 year old has little time to sit back and reflect on the weeks that were as Canberra emerge as a genuine premiership contender. “That in the past now. We must be ever vigilant that we are introducing the laws our society now needs and removing the ones that have passed their use by date, if they ever had one. Far too often, important conversations about how our laws and regulations can best serve our community are obscured by those with a vested interest claiming that the nebulous bogeyman of “red tape” is constraining our economy. And as for the argument that “green tape” the derogatory term ideologues use to describe environmental protections has gone too far, we need look no further than the devastating decision recently taken by mining company Rio Tinto to destroy a cultural site in Western Australia which contained artefacts recording more than 45 millennia of human history.

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