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Ok, so I got all the numbers straight off Wikipedia. I gave each country a % value in each category, meaning its portion of the world total. Then I averaged all three categories to give each country a conflated value. A pet peeve of mine that I always lamenting about is how barely any youtube reviewers I ever see are accurately describing the characteristics of the things they are reviewing in rich detail so I will make it a point to have them be very informative and descriptive. These will after all be for your benefit to help you decide which you want to pick so it gives you some reference point. I decided to make these vids because there was a definitive lack of quality reviews in this niche and of Stiiizy in particular, but I will be doing all manner of content, from reviews to comedy so check it out..

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view website Nationality doesn matter when money is still green. I buy best and cheapest, the fuck I care if it from an EU citizen or an african farmer. “Buy local” is bullshit propaganda to make you subsidize industries that are noncompetitive and should go extinct.

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