Where they might once have relied on recommendations

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Where they might once have relied on recommendations

Your Company has been credit rated by CRISIL Limited and India Ratings Research. The Company”s long term credit rating by ”CRISIL” continued to be ”CRISIL AA (stable)” and short term debt rating at ”CRISIL A1 ”. The Company”s long term credit rating by ”India Ratings Research (A Fitch Group Company)” continued to be ”IND AA (stable)” and short term debt rating at ”IND A1 ”.

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Discourage “sideline coaching” because it only confuses the player. I had an incident during a tournament game, when a parent would come out of the stands, approach the bench and criticize her child's efforts. In this situation I pulled the parent aside and requested the parent remain in the stands during game time to avoid further embarrassing her child.

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