When you have gone 6 and 10, you have to go back 30

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When you have gone 6 and 10, you have to go back 30

National championship is a capstone achievement in his long list of accomplishments as a debater, ETHS Superintendent Eric Witherspoon said. He heads off to college, I know we will be hearing more about Noah Whinston in the future. Forensics tournament drew thousands of students from across the country and as far away as China.

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The practice of using solitary confinement to punish prisoners existed before Minnesota was even a state. The first prison, built in Stillwater in the 1850s, included cells to isolate problematic inmates, officially called “the dungeon.” Fighting, irritating a guard or using profanity could buy an inmate days or a week in the poorly ventilated, 5 by 7 foot cells. Inmates wore black and white striped jumpsuits, and most survived on bread and water.

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