We make every reasonable effort to be free of

I knew there would be two guys I had to outjump to
Village Greens (34) and Richmond County Country Club

We make every reasonable effort to be free of

Whalers property Shayne McCosh, with Team Canada, and Jason McBain (Team USA) have been invited to camps for the world junior championships. Bob Lachance of Bristol and John Emmons of New Canaan have been invited to Team USA camps. The Whalers continue to look into the possibility of acquiring Vancouver holdout forward Petr Nedved. The Whalers tested a jersey with a spouting whale logo on the ice before the game.

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Beth Nakamura/StaffLC The OregonianHelen came to The Oregonian in 2004 as a business reporter before moving to the breaking news team in 2007. She joined the editorial board in 2014. In her career, she has covered Alaska's commercial fishing industry, Oregon's athletic apparel industry, the Seattle tech scene and spent two months embedded with the Oregon Army National Guard in Iraq.

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