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Right now it looks like the Titans Texans game in Week 17 will either be for the division or a play in game for one team to get the 6 seed, so that game may also be picked for that open SNF slot. If the results we need fall in our favor, there a real chance we get back to back wholesale pro jerseys games on SNF and have double the amount of primetime games in those last two weeks as we had for the entire season up to that,Almost entirely depends on what the Steelers do and that first Texans Titans game on Sunday though. There still a real shot of the wackiest scenario where the Titans and Texans finish as the 3 and 6 seed (or vise versa) and play each other three times in four weeks.Edit: shit, I didn't even see Seahawks 49ers on the schedule for week 17 before the replies.