They couldn't muster anything on the ground either

Minors may be registered by their parents
The tail and the body are almost equal in length

They couldn't muster anything on the ground either

Others believe that the looting is being done by fighters from the city of Misrata, the site of some of the most ferocious of the fighting. Misrata was badly damaged by the pro Gadhafi forces with a number of stories of rape, torture and murder in that town. It is reported that the looting in Sirte is vengenance by those from Misrata but that has not been confirmed..

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As is usually the case, the defense makes all the difference in Chicago. They limited the Chargers to 10 points per half, and picked of the wildly erratic Phillip Rivers twice giving him a hefty 17 for the season. They couldn't muster anything on the ground either as Ryan Matthews and fireplug Mike Tolbert combined for only 51 yards rushing on 16 attempts.

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