“The older people get the complications

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“The older people get the complications

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cheap jerseys Anthony Fauci told Axios, as younger people are more likely to engage in riskier behaviors right now.”They get infected first, then they come home, and then they infect the older people,” Fauci said. “The older people get the complications, and then they go to the hospitals.”The coronavirus stories we are hearing now are all happening with campuses across the country mostly on shutdown.What happens when colleges come to life in the fall and football players are interacting with significantly more people on campus and vice versa? Wearing masks, social distancing and safety protocols will help cut back on the virus’ spread, but we can't even come to a consensus on how to do that in this country right now.Some states mandate it, others don't. Mask wearing has sadly, but predictably, become a political issue.As the case at LSU shows, one trip to a nightclub can take a huge portion of a team out of commission as they have to quarantine for the safety of others.As for Syracuse, Matthew Gutierrez of The Athletic posted on Twitter that it has had “only one or two” positive cases of Covid 19 since football players came back last week.Syracuse football has had “only one or two” positive cases of COVID 19 since players reported back to campus last week, per source, a relatively low number compared with other programs who have begun workouts this month cheap jerseys.