The NTSB will be on the ground for at least seven

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The NTSB will be on the ground for at least seven

Looking at the mix of high tech and financial services businesses along the rather suburban feeling stretch of Colorado Avenue south of downtown Bend, it might be hard to envision a college campus taking root. Johnson and others see it, however, and they've started to assemble the pieces, or at least to set the stage for the conversation. At this point the college is eyeing roughly five properties that are around or near its existing building in the Mill Point development..

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They have an agreement in place for a takeover of the club by PCP Partners which is the consortium put together by Staveley. She would own 10 per cent of the club if and when it gets ratified. Reuben Brothers, a very wealthy English family the second wealthiest family in the country would own 10 per cent too but it would be majority owned by the Saudi PIF fund.

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