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“Our relationship with Clean the World exemplifies how we put our PEOPLE PLANET PLAY commitment into action,” saidJan Jones Blackhurst, Caesars Entertainment Executive Vice President, Public Policy Corporate Responsibility. “Each year, Caesars collects and donates more than 53 tons of soap and shampoo from hotel rooms, so I am proud that our team members were able to see the process through all the way to Zambia where the soap is critical to reducing illnesses and the spread of infection. It's an important mission that is both heart warming and vital.”.

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In the work team development context, some empirical research suggests that emotional intelligence has an influence on teamwork. One investigation showed that untrained teams, operating with high emotional intelligence members, performed on a level as well as trained teams with low emotional intelligence members. Clearly, the team was able to solve the problems or work effectively, even if they did not know how to perform all the tasks.

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