Since then, I have heard from a lot of folks who

Weprin, 41, owns a Masters degree in Sports Medicine
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Since then, I have heard from a lot of folks who

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Prisons, along with the police, are the twin pillars of social control. They are used by the ruling elites to keep those discarded by deindustrialization and austerity fearful, intimidated and neutralized. Break the reign of terror by the police and the bonds of the world's largest prison system and the ruling elites will stand naked before us.

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The 2020 2021 hunting licenses went on sale June 22. Since then, I have heard from a lot of folks who were surprised to learn that the special allocation of antlerless deer permits for designated DMAP units within the DMA for CWD here in our region. And just in case you aren familiar with all that alphabet soup, let me clarify,.

Wels Catfish Interesting Factsby Jade Hassenplug 15 months agoThe wels catfish is not a pet, it is a wild animal and has been known to grow to great lengths. This article discusses some amazing facts about theses water beasts. Well, the fact is, they're neither.

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