Seems to be a tacit assumption that if grizzlies

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Seems to be a tacit assumption that if grizzlies

Five states have any at all, he wrote. Seems to be a tacit assumption that if grizzlies survive in Canada and Alaska, that is good enough. It is not good enough for me. Not been a sentiment of, I don know how else to say it, desperation as it relates to, you going to play or not? We have not had that type of interaction; more of an understanding of a transparency in terms of where we are and what going on at your campus, and we asking the same of them at theirs. The more we can share information among institutions, the more conducive it is for our possible reentry into what a fall athletic campaign could look like. Division II California Collegiate Athletic Association, whose 12 schools are all in the CSU system, suspended all NCAA competition during the fall semester, with the hope of having all teams compete in the spring..

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