Saying they feared a 10 game suspension from Brendan

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Saying they feared a 10 game suspension from Brendan

That might have taken the wind out of Dartford's sails but they had two good chances to re take the lead. Bradbrook's pass to Harris set up a two on one break in the home side's favour but Harris couldn't make the most of it. The same player was involved moments later, lifting a lob over Belford but onto the roof of the net..

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Recently, with all of this controvery about changing the rules of the game to protect players from hits to the head, hits from behind or any other vulnerable hit, Don Cherry has had a lot to say. During the first NHL game of the 2011 2012 season, he discussed how players were now afraid to hit. Saying they feared a 10 game suspension from Brendan Shanahan.

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