On this episode, we talk to Edmond about why he

Take Anthony Fauci, he has done a remarkable job
Felicia Garcia was an orphan

On this episode, we talk to Edmond about why he

First of all, if a hub is getting a lot of traffic but no Google clicks, consider placing Amazon on there if it is appropriate. Amazon is best placed on hubs that sell or feature some kind of product because Amazon sells products. Amazon does not work that well for strictly idea hubs..

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I bought my first home out here in Arizona, so really every pitfall that can come with that, and add on that I went home for a little bit so managing that process from across the country. I think the biggest thing is finding that new way of life. I had the same routine for five years and coming into a new city and a new organization, you rely a lot on the veteran guys on the team to point you in the right direction where to live, how to beat traffic, all that.

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The fertiliser company National Fertilizers Limited (NFL) plans for an FPO which could be coming up anytime soon. Satish Chandra, CMD of NFL, in an interview with Udayan Mukherjee, said that the company plans to raise Rs 100 crore through the IPO which will be an equity contribution. He said, “Presently, our paid up capital is around Rs 490 crore.

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