Just asking him how his day is going is not It

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Just asking him how his day is going is not It

What can you do to protect your family during an epidemic? The community health services will be taking action, shutting down schools, providing immunizations, giving advice like wash your hands, cough in your sleeve, etc. Better to be “Japanese” and not shake hands and wear a face mask. Can you bow or are you too old like me?.

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2. A secondary, yet albeit, equally important goal of drug and alcohol treatment is to not merely just cure you, but to also arm you with the knowledge and skills necessary in order to prevent yourself from succumbing to temptation, once you leave the confines of the recovery home sanctuary, and go into an addiction relapse, once again abusing drugs and alcohol as you did before. This goal is achieved through counseling, therapy, coaching, and education, all of which are made available and provided through the recovery home facility..

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