It is unclear if other New Jersey school districts

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It is unclear if other New Jersey school districts

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Those entertainment dollars will be spent on other venues. I don't “hate” professional sports. I'm more of a baseball fan, and the Twins tend to operate more cheaply and efficiently than other teams. A medical truck stationed outside a school building has already given hundreds of nasal swab tests, district officials said.The plan is to expand the free testing when Lakewood students return to class for a planned 5 day a week schedule in September, though the testing will remain optional in the 6,400 student district.The money for the tests is being provided by the CARES Act, the federal economic stimulus grants designed to help lessen the financial impact of the pandemic, Lakewood officials said.It is unclear if other New Jersey school districts might follow Newark in requiring testing of teachers and employees.Universal testing of all schoolchildren and teachers would likely be impossible in New Jersey, even as the state expands its testing capacity. So far, New Jersey has had more than Cheap Jerseys free shipping 1 million COVID 19 tests performed since the start of the pandemic last winter. But there are more than 1.4 million public school students in New Jersey and an additional 116,000 full time classroom teachers, making it unlikely all could be tested before the start of school.Newark has already been testing its social distancing plan for its schools at two summer school programs at the First Avenue and Thirteenth Avenue schools. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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