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In black letters, it bore the school name,

They can do this. Why can we have 700 girls or a thousand girls playing in a league?” Earth to Billie Jean! Earth to Billie Jean! If it be such “good business,” why don you peel off some of your personal bankroll and help fund a WNHL? And where your business plan? As for a women league with 700 1,000 players, that shocking naivet. There are approximately 200 members of the Professional Women Hockey Players Association, and another 120 suiting up with the five NWHL clubs.

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Proud dad Simon said: had absolutely no idea he had done it, so I chuffed he got a letter back. It ridiculous there no permanent fixture in Brighton and Hove, and I sure if it was in place it would be popular. When the family went down to the rink at Brighton Pavilion, people were filming Sonny as he whizzed around the ice..

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