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That changed during a November road trip, when Hill came on in relief of Burke and shut down the powerhouse Kelowna Rockets as Portland rallied from a 3 0 deficit to win 4 3. Hawks coach Jamie Kompon stuck with Hill the next night in Kelowna, and he again led Portland to victory. In 46 games since, he played in 40..

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1. Provider Is it seriously a clich that the man brings home the paycheck? Really? I'm not saying women shouldn't work because I'm one woman who would not be comfortable being a stay at home anything. I just don't think a real man would be comfortable living off of solely what his wife brings home.

I seen how easy it is to cite lack of personal experience as reason for denouncing an entire cause. I urge everybody to think about that one. When assessing any movement such as this, the best place to start is by listening to the experiences of the individuals who define what the movement is striving for.

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