I sat back and thought if there was ever a right

In a perfect world you announce to your teammate
Unfortunately it's not something that happens a lot

I sat back and thought if there was ever a right

Off to eat lunch, watch Popular and then sleepytime before tonight's volleyball outing. We got some snow last night, the big fluffy kind, so I was out rolling around, making snow angels at 3 this morning on my smoke break. Yes, I'm all about the incongruent sometimes.

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The Pack isn't asking any Miss Americas to the prom next year. But in the right light and at the right angle they aren't too bad. The Mountain West had an awful year last year. I saw so many different types of animals and watched as they lived in their struggling ways. I drank water from glaciers as they melted in the sun. I swam in ice cold creeks and then swam in hot pools beside the creeks.

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