He is our Cooke, our Downie only better

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He is our Cooke, our Downie only better

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In my own city, we drove over a bridge named the Herman Talmadge Memorial Bridge. Senate from the late fifties to the early eighties and even though a new bridge was built in place of the Talmadge in the 1990s it still retained the name of the old one. As a tourist town we had a rich history of white plantation owners, shipping magnates and unique architecture built largely using slave labor and while we also had a rich history of African Americans, most of the tourism centered around white colonists while ignoring the contributions of other races.

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An avenue of research might be to look at how the teams dealt with 9/11, when games were put off for a week (at least for baseball). Also with how they redo schedules for strikes? Hockey's had a few strikes in which they had to release schedules at the last minute after the season's started, and it never seems like a big deal at all, but perhaps they kept a kind of “rolling” dynamic schedule going as the strike progressed. Perhaps they consider scheduling trivial compared to draft procedures? Or it would just be easier to give teams a bye for the remainder of the season in a mid season catastrophe?.

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