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Patrice Bergeron did not play after being driven into the boards at Dallas on Friday. The team learned on Saturday that captain Zdeno Chara (knee) is expected to miss four to six weeks after suffering an injury at Colorado on Wednesday. Last year, a bunch of decent players came together to play above their talent, but a regression is due this season. This should be an exciting year for the Rangers, with the blueshirts bringing in Artemi Panarin and a slew of elite prospects such as Kaapo Kakko. They're too young to make a push for the playoffs right now, but soon the league will be on notice.

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cheap jerseys nba NEW YORK, Jul 23 2002 (IPS) Long seen as the private enclaves of middle class Whites, sports like tennis, golf, hockey, and now soccer are slowly admitting Black athletes and fans alike.The phenomenal success of Tiger Woods in golf, and Venus and Serena Williams in tennis, as well as lesser known players like soccer Cobi Jones and ice hockey Jarome Iginla, has prompted the sports to court a new, more diverse audience.Willie O knows this is not always easy. Forty four years after he broke hockey colour barrier sometimes facing racist heckling on the ice he continues to be an ambassador for the game.O who in 1958 became the first Black Canadian to play in the National Hockey League (NHL), is now the director of the NHL Diversity Task Force, which encourages young minority players to pursue hockey by supporting youth leagues across the country.The former Boston Bruins player led the way for stars like Iginla, who is one of only 12 Blacks in the 650 player NHL. Last season, the Calgary Flames forward made history as the first Black player to score 50 goals.Twelve Black players might not sound like many but it is a leap from the 18 Black players who reached the NHL between 1958 and 1991.Athletes, coaches and other experts say the main barrier to sports like hockey, tennis, golf and soccer is socioeconomic. cheap jerseys nba

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The Flames are shooting to sweep the regular season series against the Jets. They notched a 6 3 victory at the Saddledome in late November, then returned from the NHL festive break with a 4 1 turkey burn off at Bell MTS Place. Flames superstar Johnny Gaudreau has tallied four times including a Dec.

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