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I had a new job. The girl that sat closest to me I talked to quite a bit. She occasionally would mention her relationship with someone who had a name that could be male or female. The conversation with him went like this: “You are waaaay bigger, stronger, and faster than her and if you hit her it's going to injure her. You absolutely have a right to defend yourself but you have to show some restraint with smaller weaker people. Especially someone you love.

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I was a part of that in my earlier years and hate how i came out. We were so greedy(as union members) that it killed a lot of our dreams for our kids. We should take blame for shipping the industry and jobs to other countries. And the bad. The park/Light of Life/the general area do attract a decent number of folks that my wife wasn overly comfortable being around, especially after dark. It not crack central like it was in the 90s, but it not exactly Shadyside.

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