Billions of dollars are set to be spent on weapons

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Billions of dollars are set to be spent on weapons The good thing about this is that they assessed the problem and they had remediations for it. They announced it publicly (using several methods) and they have an alternative line. There are definitely changes that you can attribute to 9 such as the Patriot Act, airport security, etc.

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canada goose uk black friday READ MORE: The speech comes at a time when relations between Australia and China have soured significantly, after the latter reacted badly to Australia push for an independent inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus and increasing concerns about China cyber interference. Just this week China accused Australia of espionage on its shores through state sponsored media.June 30 2020 10:30PMAustralia PM Scott Morrison to announce defence spend up in response to China tensionsSally WhytePrime Minister Scott Morrison will make the announcement on Wednesday. Picture: Sitthixay DitthavongAustralia is set to dramatically beef up its military power in the Indo Pacific region, spending $270 billion over the next decade on weapons and infrastructure, including billions of dollars on long range strike missiles.In a move that signals a more adversarial stance on China and less reliance on the United States, Prime Minister Scott Morrison will say Australia's new goals are to shape the strategic environment, to deter actions against Australia's interests and to respond with “credible military force, when required”.Billions of dollars are set to be spent on weapons and infrastructure that would allow Australian forces to strike targets at a distance of more than 370 kilometres away, the development of hypersonic weapons and $7 billion on increasing capability in space.The longer range strike missiles will give Australia the ability to defend forces and infrastructure at risk from a greater distance.”Our region will not only shape our future increasingly it is the focus of the dominant global contest of our age,” the Prime Minister will tell cadets at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra.”Tensions over territorial claims are rising across the Indo Pacific region as we have seen recently on the disputed border between India and China, in the South China Sea, and in the East China Sea.”The risk of miscalculation and even conflict is heightening.”Increasing government spending on defence to 2 per cent of gross domestic product was already government policy, but the boosted funding will add an extra $14.8 billion in acquiring new capability, and an extra $11.2 billion in sustainment.Funding will be $270 billion over the next ten years, up from the $195 million promised for the decade following the 2016 Defence White Paper.Australia can no longer assume that it will have the upper hand or the technical edge, Mr Morrison will say, warning that coercive activities are “rife” and foreign interference has been made easier by new technologies.Acknowledging the fractious relationship between the United States and China, Mr Morrison said there is a “new dynamic of strategic competition” in which Australia and countries like Japan, India and Korea all have a role to play canada goose uk black friday.