“Again I come back to that saying in my native Punjab

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“Again I come back to that saying in my native Punjab

https://www.rooshooters.com Parts of the city reported up to 40 cm in a 12 hour period. A snowfall warning remains in effect. During a snowstorm in Calgary on Tuesday Oct. Doesn seem like too much to ask for, imo. Intel says their chips will run at 98 degrees for years, so why would a full load like Prime95 kill them in days?One other thing, overclocking these days is actually undervolting combined with raising clocks. The old school “just raise the voltage” is a bad way to do it on any Intel chips post Sandy Bridge..

canada goose uk outlet He practised extensively as a solicitor and barrister before he was appointed the territory third director of public prosecutions in 1998. After taking silk in 2000, he was sworn in as a Supreme Court justice in January 2008.But it was his abiding sense of compassion, courtesy and fairness, as well as his fierce work ethic and tireless legal intellect, that his colleagues said would be his legacy as he retired after nearly a decade on the bench.Giant of the ACT legal fraternity, respected judge, former director of public prosecutions and academic Justice Richard Refshauge after ACT Supreme Court ceremonial sitting that marked his retirement from the bench. Photo: Karleen MinneyIn a frank and humble parting speech, Justice Refshauge said he'd had an “extremely fortunate life” but admitted his tenure as judge had been “challenging”.He said the Bar Association's formal complaint to the ACT government, claiming he was unfit to be a judge due to a backlog in judgements stemming from the marathon Davis Samuel fraud case, in 2012 was “unsurprising but personally devastating”.”It is hard to hear such judgement from one's peers.”He was grateful to be temporarily excused from his duties to finalise the mammoth 500 page judgement.Justice Refshauge said delays in delivering judgements “plagued my term”, but despite his failings in that respect he was confident he could not be accused of not working hard or not making a contribution.Several outstanding decisions were “a matter of great personal regret” he vowed to deliver soon.Justice Refshauge also took aim at critics’ attacks on judges as too lenient as “fake news”.He said his sentencing approach had been informed by his Anglican faith, saying he refused to dehumanise people regardless of their crimes.”It's too easy to discriminate, to treat people as less equal, to oppress them if they're dehumanised and identified as the other, the lesser.””Now we use terms like Muslim, boat people, refugee, welfare cheat and paedophile to dehumanise them and justify treating them as less than human. canada goose uk outlet

canadian goose jacket In the face of the headwinds, like more frequent natural disasters caused by climate change”. The damage bill from Queensland summer of bushfires and floods will be $1.3 billion that from just one summer entirely paid for by taxpayers. It is a special kind of madness to acknowledge in the budget the cost of climate impacts will grow, while rushing through approval for a new coal mine. canadian goose jacket

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buy canada goose jacket Welcoming in refugee and disadvantaged students to study has been another personal project for Saini, whose family were living in a remote Indian village when a chance encounter with a local teacher first brought academia into their world. “Again I come back to that saying in my native Punjab,” he says of his final day in Canberra. “It literally means eye is smiling while the other is crying This place has been good to us. buy canada goose jacket

cheap canada goose Canada Goose Parka The legacy of accumulated investment and collecting by specialist curators, its store of Asian newspapers and periodicals, books, government documents and other rare materials is among the great treasure troves of Asian studies, and the most extensive Asia collection in the southern hemisphere. Researchers visit from around the world, and the collection is a foundation stone of decades of effort to build sustained and deep knowledge of Asia at Australian universities.Now, much of this is to be abandoned. In a new “collection development policy” the document which lays out what and how the library will collect the library has dramatically downgraded its emphasis on overseas collecting. Canada Goose Parka

uk canada goose The masks are used by dentists and dental nurses, and are also used when sterilising equipment. Under current guidance, all dental professionals operating in England are told to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) including disposable face masks, clinical gloves, disposable aprons and eye protection. “In recent weeks dentists have been hit by panic buying, clumsy rationing and naked profiteering,” BDA chairman Mick Armstrong said uk canada goose.