“A limit of 30 per cent of capacity has been placed

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“A limit of 30 per cent of capacity has been placed

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https://www.bizjerseyc.com cheap nba jerseys Home SearchLandmark Cinemas CEO Bill Walker says theatres in Regina and Saskatoon will reopen Friday, but with a few changes to allow for customer safety. The theatres closed in March due to the COVID 19 pandemic.”We really are focused on the experience for that customer who a little bit uncertain of going to the movies,” Walker said.”We going to work really hard to show people how we can create a safer experience and still provide some entertainment through all of this crisis.”A limit of 30 per cent of capacity has been placed on theatres in Saskatchewan, keeping those like Landmark to low numbers to protect moviegoers.”In Saskatchewan in particular, the capacities are reduced further than they are in any other province,” Walker said. “Our recliner seats already provided a lot more physical distance than what you would be accustomed to in a regular theatre, so the number of seats will be quite limited.”Walker recommends purchasing tickets online in advance to ensure customers will be able to catch the movie of their choice.Signage around the theatres and even in the washrooms are present to remind customers of the importance of social distancing.Walker said only every other concessionstation will be open, with staff wearing masks and serving customers from behind a Plexiglasshield.Moviegoers at Landmark Cinemas will not be required to wear masks.”Given the relative case level in most areas we operate, particularly in Saskatchewan, I think it reasonable that masks are not mandatory but are certainly welcome,” Walker explained.Generally, customers will be asked to social distance appropriately from those around them.”I hopeful that everyone hasgotten accustomed to physical distancing (and) that our customers are going to be responsible, respect their fellow guests and maintain distance,” Walker said.The theatres have also employed hygiene officers at every location. cheap nba jerseys

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